Mobile Apps and Green Business

A green business can be defined as a business in which decisions are largely centered on the three p’s: profits, people, and planet. More and more often small business owners are utilizing mobile apps to increase profits, improve customer experiences, and decrease the business’s impact on the earth. Here are some ways in which mobile apps are utilized.

Five Energy Efficient Changes to Make Around the House

Energy bills can be expensive, especially in months with more extreme weather. With the combination of heating and cooling expenses as well as lighting expenses, energy bills can quickly skyrocket. There are a variety of different ways to drastically increase the energy efficiency of one’s home. There are a variety of different scale fixes one …


Home Garden: Best Places for a Self-Sustaining Lifestyle

Most people agree there is no substitute for vegetables fresh from the garden. Throughout the world people are finding ways to grow crisp garden fresh vegetables in any open space available. Unfortunately, many home gardeners do not achieve the maximum results from their endeavors. Factors such as the duration of sunlight, proper fertilizers, and richness …